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Roman Camps round Cleghorn

Roman Camps round Cleghorn

Roma camp
The Roman campwhich is shown in Roy’s Military Antiquities is on the right bank of the Stobilee Burn 570 metres NW of Cleghorn Mill where the road from Castledykes to Carluke and Bothwellhaugh crossed the Mouse Water.The camp today is easier to see than a decade ago as many of the trees planted over the camp have been cut down. However little is visible apart from the remains in Camp wood.

The visible remains consist of a grass/heather bank 3.7 metres in thickness and 0.7 metres high. This is fronted by a ditch which is 1.9 metres in width and 0.4 metres in depth. These remains are to be found on the N.W. side of the camp. Together with the ditch and bank there are a couple of low banks defending the entrances.

The Antonine Period covers roughly the years 138-166 A.D. It is difficult to say where this camp was built but probably it dates to the era when the Romans re-occupied Scotland in 138 A.D. These are called titula and are a feature of camps built during the Antonine Period.

The Roman camp itself amounts to 46.7 acres(18.9 hectares) which would have accommodated a force of about twelve thousand men (two legions). The camp is shaped like a parallelogram and well suited to the topography of the area.
There are indications from an examination of Google Earth of a small fortlet on the high ground to the North.
Near this site a small enamelled letter seal protector was found by metal detector enthusiasts in the late 1980s. This item is now in the  in Glasgow. (picture)
A coin hoard of roman coins of the 2nd century was also found near Cleghorn when the Caledonian Railway was built. Some of these ended up in Lanark Town Council Offices but were sold at re-organisation in 1973 by Strathclyde Region before they could be properly recorded.
Nothing was found in a dig done in 1980 by the Lanark & District Archaeological Society on the site of the tomato houses. Also nothing can be seen of the sections of the camp apart from what is in Camp Wood