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The Roman Forum – the Ancient World comes to life

The Arch of Titus
The Arch of Titus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Arch of Titus
The Roman Forum still sits in the centre of Rome. For centuries it was the most important part of the world's biggest empire. The ruins of many great buildings can be seen, as well as some very well preserved monuments and arches. For the lover of antiquity it makes a stunning visit and is the highpoint of any trip to Rome.

Entering the forum from via Gregorio the visitor first comes across the Arch of Titus, standing proudly above the surrounding ground level as the road level was higher 2000 years ago. Domitian built the arch to commemorate his brother Titus, in particular his victory in the Jewish war  of 70-71AD. This is made apparent by the arch's decoration with Jewish goods looted from the Temple and brought back to Rome.

The Temple of Saturn
The Temple of Saturn was built using Ionic columns on a raised podium. It was already the oldest shrine at the start of the Republican period, being originally built in 497BC. The remains we see today date from the restoration of 283AD after a fire.
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