Monday, September 10, 2012

Q is for Quirks of Roman Paganism

So every religion has its own little “quirks”, peculiarities, and the Religio Romana is no exception. I’ve composed a short little list of common and, well, quirky things for your enjoyment (hopefully). Please keep in mind that, with this list, I’m not trying to tell you how this religion should be practiced – they’re just some fun little tidbits that I’ve noticed.

  • Sacrifice is usually done capite velato, or with your head covered – unless you are giving an offering to a Greek deity (i.e. Hercules/Heracles), in which case your head is left bare. It’s the interpretatio Romana versus the interpretatio Graeca.
  • Everything has its own spirit, from the rocks to the trees and odd things like door-frames and broom-sticks.
  • Things that fall on the floor were sacrificed to the household Lar, because that’s typically where the spirits of the dead liked to hang out.
  • Speaking of the deceased, their spirits liked to crawl around on the floor on all fours instead of walking on two legs.
  • Each month is split into three sections: the Kalends, the Nones, and the Ides. The latter two don’t always fall on the same date, but the day after each three sections is considered extremely unlucky.
  • Ever hear of Mutunus Tutunus? If not, then STOP – don’t look Him up if you are at work.
  • Ianus, a very important deity, is depicted as having two faces, and He really likes His wine.
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