Monday, September 03, 2012


As we roamed out yesterday at various local beauty-spots, two of the three major places we stopped were by the greater waters within Puget Sound/the Salish Sea. One of them overlooks one of the local marinas, and the other had a boat launch for smaller recreational craft which was being used almost continuously to put boats in or take them out of the water. All of this got me into the mode of thinking about today's festivities, the Roman festival of Portunalia in honor of Portunus.

However, as explained here, Portunus was syncretized by many Romans to Palaimon, who is himself syncretized or extremely similar to variousothers as well. Since Palaimon has become so important to my own perceptions recently, I wanted to figure out some date on which to honor him, and the Portunalia therefore seems like a good one to have chosen–and it had the advantage of being relatively recently following my realizations as well!