Saturday, September 29, 2012

Land Observations - Roman Roads IV-XI

Via Appia, a road connecting the city of Rome ...
Via Appia, a road connecting the city of Rome to the Southern parts of Italy remains usable even today. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Via Bread and Circuses

Thanks to Tom Holland, have just come across the rather good electronica/dance album Roman Roads IV-XI by Land Observations, the solo project of James Brooks formerly of Appliance. There is also an EP, also entitled Roman Roads. Here is a review from The Quietus:

For those who still equate electronic music with "dance music" however, it might be worth noting that beats are conspicuous by their absence; instead, Land Observations is a meditative, highly conceptual project, intended to make the listener reconsider their relationship with the place in which they live, specifically by using the idea of Roman Roads. Brooks is fascinated by the way in which these roads simultaneously exist and don't exist, or exist currently only as fragments or templates; the road beneath the road. An idea that disappears almost as soon as you are aware of it, dissolving around you even as you lock on to its seductive, linear groove.

You can hear the track Via Flaminia below:

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