Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Discover Rome on the Route of Galla Placida

The route of "Galla Placidia, un'imperatice risoluta" is a great way to discoverRome.

 In the middle of the night, children and adults can participate in the "let me tell you the history ofRome, its art and nature" project, where you can also enjoy the mini-courses prepared by the organizers of the event which increase its appeal to travelers of all ages. The duration of these shortcourses will be about one and a half to two hours.

 Participants in this event will have the opportunity to take a trip through time with an important figure of the city's history: "Galla Placidia".

 Starting at its beginning, you will walk through the streets ofRometo discover the city's historical events in a unique way through plays and accompanied by period music.

 One of the workshops created for the event is a photo lab, which will take place in the gardens of Villa Celimontana. Here, you will learn the tricks of the photography trade, including the use of colors and lights, the structure of the camera and objectives as well as the uses for the images.

 Another workshop is called "Assault on the Castle", and it will be a mini-course about the defensive systems of the time. It is offered in a very fitting setting, outdoors at the pedestrian area of the gardens of Castle Sant'Angelo. With explanations and reproductions of sketches and drawings, both young and old will relive how fortifications were assaulted and the techniques that were developed in ancient times, with more emphasis placed on Roman techniques, of course.