Sunday, September 02, 2012


FLAMEN Antonyus Subia, as part of his Sacred Pilgrimage to Rome, has visited the OBELISK OF ANTINOUS.

As Flamen Antinoalis or "high priest," Antonyus is the first practicing and widely recognized priest of Antinous to bow down in front of the Obelisk since the Fall of Rome and the rise of Christianity.

The Obelisk currently stands on the Pincian Hill in Rome, but no one is quite certain where it originally stood.

We know for certain that Emperor Hadrian commissioned the Obelisk after the tragic death of Antinous. It is thought that the Obelisk originally stood at Hadrian's Villa, but some experts have also speculated that it could originally have been located at the Mausoleum of Hadrian.

The original location is of importance because the Obelisk contains clues as to the whereabouts of the LOST TOMB OF ANTINOUS.

Under the direction of Hadrian, the Obelisk was incised with EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPHS which provide us with the most important Sacred Text concerning the Sacred Nature of Antinous the Gay God. Alas, the portion of the text which discusses Antinous's earthly life is almost entirely illegible, with only faint references to his family, but not enough to provide any information.