Sunday, September 02, 2012


FLAMEN Antonyus Subia is spending the day at Hadrian's Villa for one of the highlights of his Sacred Pilgrimage to Rome — the first exhibition devoted to Antinous ever to be held at the Tivoli villa compound.
Priest Hernestus has journeyed from Germany to join Antonyus for the Antinous Exhibition, thanks in great part to the largesse of Priest Uendi, who is in constant contact with them both from Hollywood.

Running now through November 4th, hundreds of Antinous-related statues and other artefacts from around the world are on display. The exhibition is entitled "Antinoo: Il fascino della bellezza" (Antinous: A Fascination With Beauty) — and Antonyus says the exhibition lives up to its name.

Amazingly, this is the first time EVER that the curators of Hadrian's Villa (the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Latium Villa Adriana Antiquarium) have launched an exhibition solely devoted to Antinous.

Despite the traffic and long lines, the wait is worth it, Antonyus says. Once inside, visitors see 50 incomparable Antinous-related treasures, including sculptures, reliefs, gems and coins — all testimony to the love of the Emperor Hadrian for the Bithynian youth.