Monday, September 17, 2012

2200 years old ancient theatre excavated Anadolu Agency

An ancient theatre which belongs to 2nd century B.C. has been discovered at the ancient city of Pompeiopolis in Taskopru in Turkey's northern province of Kastamonu.

Lecturer at the Kastamonu University and the head of the Pompeiopolis ancient city's excavation team, Professor Dr.Latife Summerer, told AA on Friday that this year's excavation works went well and they reached the largest part of it after 6 years of effort.Professor Summerer who has been leading the excavations said that they discovered the marble steps of the ancient theatre and the architectural state of the theatre is fine too. She added that as the archaeological excavation of Pompeiopolis ancient city continues, their aim is to bring out the rest of the theatre.

Summerer stated that from 7 different countries, experts and archaeologists are involved in the excavation works and there are also students from different universities who live in Kastamonu region.
Pompeiopolis ancient city remains many artifacts from Roman era. An ancient Rome commander, Pompeious, built a city on Zimbilli Hill and called the city Pompeiopolis.

Via 2200 years old ancient theatre excavated Anadolu Agency

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