Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Tutorial – Roman Political History 5: The Absorption of Italy

Hello all, and welcome to our tutorial on the expansion of Rome throughout Italy. When we look at maps of the Roman Empire in later periods, it seems almost natural to assume that Rome always owned all of Italy, but that is not at all the case, and Roman expansion throughout the "boot" is going to be gradual and painful. The reason I chose this tutorial's placement here was that I thought this material teaches at least two important themes that we're going to deploy very soon. So I hope that works, and we gain some further ground.

Hunger for Land
If we asked the standard Roman politician of his day why the Romans consistently fought her neighbors, his answer (and in patriarchical Roman society it unfortunately always would have been a "he" doing the answering) would be that those neighbors started the aggression. As with most statements given by politicians however, that statement would be blessed with a generous amount of spin.

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