Tuesday, August 28, 2012

To cat lovers

Kiki Haka just passed away last night. He was then in our arms and home. That the very least we could hope for. For only one year, he has been our joy. He knew how to express love, tenderness and gratitude. He was part of the familly. We know he has been a very happy cat.

Kiki Haka
Now the house and our arms feel empty. But our heart and mind will always be full of his love.

This post is not only to mourn. Kiki passed away because the people that were supposed to take care of him, while we were away for two weeks, did not even feed him. These people stayed home all the time and work for a specialized company. We found the food packages that we bought perfectly intact. Was it ignorance or disdain, we do not know. And anyhow it does not explain the reason why they did not alert us and neither call the vet. Even worse, when we called to get news, everything was OK... The vet told us that Kiki has not been fed for the two weeks. He lost a quarter of his weight. We came back too late but at least we told him goodbye.

We would like to tell cat lovers to call the vet as soon as they notice their beloved animal has not been eating for more than one day. Cat organism is not meant to endure this. Do everything you can to get news everyday when away.

Please share this post to all cat lovers so that Kiki did not passed away for nothing. Thanks.