Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Roman ruins with kids

In the past, during large part of the 18th century and the whole 19th, the young rich families of Northern Europe had a pending trip. This was theGrand Tour and it essentially consisted in arriving to Rome so that the vision and coexistence with ancient ruins were a cultural endorsement for their adult life. Most of these people were youngsters who wanted to experiment an adventure, but there were also young girls who took part in this uncomfortable trip.

Of course, any intellectual, writer or poet who was seeking the appreciation of his contemporaries had to leave evidence of his trip toRome. The glorious ruins of the past were used as an inspiration to create diaries, poems and stories. On this return trip, the contemporary traveller has the chance to follow the footsteps of these romantic poets in the Eternal City. However, today, we're proposing a different plan: a tour, just like these literate people from the past, around the most emblematic landmarks of Ancient Rome albeit with our children.

Inquisitive kids like to feel part of a family and of history. A walk around the ruins of the ancient Roman Empire should be fun to them, of course, as well as a great way of spending a few days of leisure, as well as introducing our kids to history and making them feel part of it one way or another.