Sunday, August 12, 2012

Roman mosaic found during Toft Green sewer work

ENGI­NEERS repair­ing a York sewer found more than they bar­gained for when they uncov­ered a Roman mosa­ic floor. 

A 120-metre sec­tion of dam­aged Vic­to­ri­an sewer in Toft Green was in the process of being replaced when work­ers spot­ted the mosa­ic tiles. 

Work imme­di­ate­ly stopped and a team of archae­ol­o­gists stepped in to carry out a detailed study of the site, con­firm­ing that engi­neers had stum­bled upon a Roman mosa­ic floor, dat­ing back to the 3rd to 4th Cen­turies AD

After two weeks of exca­va­tions the floor has been painstak­ing­ly removed.