Saturday, August 04, 2012

Remains of Roman Massacre of Jews in Jerusalem Find Redux

Israel Hayom has a very lengthy piece which pro­vides fur­ther details of the claims being made by Benny Liss which we men­tioned the other day … Here's a lengthy excerpt from that lengthy piece:

[...] On Sun­day, the main points of Liss' the­o­ry were print­ed on the news pages of Israel Hayom. Since then, the for­eign and local media have had Liss' phone ring­ing off the hook. I went back to him as well, and togeth­er we watched the film again.

Laid out in an order­ly fash­ion

First, here is a clear, suc­cinct descrip­tion of the footage. Night. Dark­ness. Liss holds a flash­light. The cam­era­man holds a lamp. The light­ing is not opti­mal, but they make do. Liss goes down the stairs into the cave, the pho­tog­ra­ph­er fol­low­ing him. The floor of the cave is cov­ered with skele­tons, bones and frag­ments of bones. There is also a bit of car­bonized mate­r­i­al there. Some of the skele­tons are not intact. One is miss­ing a leg. Two of them look like they were laid there in a more order­ly man­ner instead of mere­ly thrown inside.