Thursday, August 23, 2012

New! The History of Byzantium podcast

Those of us who followed Mike Duncan's excellent The History of Rome podcast were pretty distraught when he ended the podcast just a few weeks ago after four years and nearly 200 episodes during which Mike set a new standard for informative, entertaining, and accessible historical podcasting. It was an appropriate time to end as Mike and 'Mrs History of Rome' just had their first baby. He left us with a promise, that he would  return with a new podcast; not one about ancient or American history.

If you have not listened to THOR you should. It is utterly absorbing. Mike developed a wonderful style, encouraging us all to come back week after week (with some gaps) to listen to this great story. I encourage you to visit or iTunes, start at the beginning and listen to it all. You will not regret it.

The big question was always whether or not Mike would go on past 476 AD. He often stated he would not, but in our world where we hear denials every day only to have them overturned 24 hours later, we could not be really sure. In the end Mike was true to his word and ended with Odoacer sending the imperial diadem and purple robe of the West to the emperor Zeno saying that it was no longer required.

Many may have been tempted to pick up from where Mike left off. One has been brave enough to do so. Robin Pierson has set up shop beside the Golden Horn and so far has published two episodes covering the events in Constantinople from the 450′s to near the end of Zeno's reign.