Friday, August 10, 2012


Archaeology has always played a key role in the study of Mediterranean civilizations. In addition, nowadays Archaeology is an important component of development being a driving force of cultural tourism, significantly contributing to the income of several if not all countries. This is the main rationale which brought to the proposal for a 3-day advanced training course on Mediterranean Archaeology. The initiative responds to the GID-EMAN's fundamental mission of fostering science and culture in the Mediterranean region and of promoting excellence and social development, thereby attempting to be a driving force to human well being in countries belonging to three continents. In view of its unique identity, which is a blend of biogenetic
unity and cultural diversity, the Mediterranean region is an ideal laboratory for shared scientific and social sciences. The task outlined above fulfils a mission suited for the Academies of Sciences and Humanities, providing an integrative vision of the cultural challenges in the Mediterranean area.

The training course on Mediterranean Archaeology aims to be an opportunity for advanced scientific training and sharing of experiences in archaeological conservation and restoration. It is therefore conceived as a combination of frontal lectures and focused seminars by eminent experts in the field of Archaeology (held at the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei), and practical training comprising teaching and hands-on activities focused on specific conservation issues in a unique and ideal archaeological site, the palace of Emperor Nero called the Domus Aurea.