Thursday, August 09, 2012

Learning How to Fight as a Gladiator in Rome

Many little boys – and many grown up ones as well – have dreamed of fighting like the gladiators of ancient Rome. The dashing armor, the dramatic moves, the barbaric weapons all make for a pretty dashing figure. Death and brutality aside, there are plenty of folks who would still like to learn to fight – or at least look – like the gladiators did.

So how did those dashing warriors of the arena fight? What were their weapons and how did they wield them? Well, you're in luck! The Scuola Gladiatori Roma is all about gladiators, and you can jump in and learn to fight while learning a bit of the culture as well. So strap on your sandals, cinch your belt tightly around your tunica, and grab your "rudis" (training sword) as we learn all about the intricate world of the gladiator.

The Gladiators
A variety of gladiators fought in the arena, and each was distinguished by his unique armor and weapons.
The Murmillo wore a broad brimmed, crested helmet and a belted loincloth, and carried a curved rectangular shield and a straight sword called a gladius. A manica, or arm guard, protected his right arm and a greave protected his right leg. His nemesis was the Thraex, though he sometimes also fought the Retarius or the Hoplomachus.
The Thraex wore a tall, crested helmet decorated with the head of a griffin. He wore a belted loin cloth, a manica on his right arm and greaves on both legs. He was protected by a small, rectangular shield, and he fought with a short sword with an angled blade called a sica.