Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Early Middle Ages

In the history of project management the last two centuries of the Roman Empire were spent an in losing battle, where the will for the behemoth empire was waning for Roman citizens that were burdened with its upkeep. In 450 the Roman Empire collapsed. By 750 the Roman world had given way to three heirs: the Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire), Islam, and the West. In European historiography (the West), the period 350 to 1050 (4th to 11th century) was known as the dark ages, a period of stifled growth.

From a project management perspective the Eastern Roman Empire, and Islam is where construction projects continued driven primarily by religion, but nowhere close to the construction boom under the Roman Empire.

There was an increase in the use of natural materials like stone and wood as the production of concrete was not readily available.

The Eastern Roman Empire's evolution from the ancient Roman Empire started In 330 before the collapse of the Roman Empire in 476. The root cause for both was the same, the Roman Empire was too expensive and difficult to administrate.