Sunday, August 05, 2012

Bulgaria: Flames Engulf Major Archeological Site in Bulgaria

A powerful fire has broken out at Golyamata Kosmatka mound in Central Bulgaria, a site of some of the biggest archeological findings here.

The flames are not yet posing a risk to the precious findings displayed inside the mound, according to initial reports.

In 2004 Bulgarian archeologists made headlines all over the world after discovering the oldest and largest Thracian tomb unearthed on Bulgarian land from beneath the Golyamata Kosmatka mound.

The archaeological team was headed by late Georgi Kitov. The excavations revealed a 13-metre long passage and two halls walled up with stones behind the facade.

The tomb amazed the archaeologists with its first-of-the-kind doors made of marble and decorated with human figures, iron nail imitations and blue-end-red sculptural ornaments.