Wednesday, August 15, 2012


THE IMPERIAL entourage arrived in Greece, at the city of Corinth in the late summer of 128. 

They visited the Temple of Fortuna, the goddess of fortune, known as Tyche to the Greeks. 

Hadrian and Antinous made sacrifice to her for the benefit of the tour and for the Empire as a whole. Fortuna, also known as Bona Dea, a manifestation of the Great Mother as a girl, in her aspect as the bestower of goodness, wealth and prosperity. 

Her consort was Agatho Daimon, the "Blessed Daimon." In Greek, "daimon" means "spirit-being" regardless whether that being is beneficial or detrimental to humans. It was only later that the Christians literally "demonized" the word daimon, so that the modern word "demon" only ever refers to an evil spirit.