Thursday, August 02, 2012

Alderney Roman fort future discussed

The Channel Islands' oldest standing building could become a visitor centre. The building in Alderney, known as the nunnery, is the best preserved Roman small fort in Britain, according to the director of Guernsey Museums. Dr Jason Monaghan has been involved in the archaeological digs held at the site in Longis Bay over five summers.
He said tourism was one part of discussions into the future of the very important historical site.

Dr Monaghan said: "Over the past five summers we have teased out the evidence that the nunnery is indeed a Roman fort.
"This has been long debated, but not proved until the current dig campaign.

Nunnery in Alderney's Longis Bay The building has been in continuous use since it was built

"This is probably one of the most intact Roman forts of the Western Empire and it's certainly the only standing one of its class and it's probably the best in Britain.
"It's a typical late Roman small fort, all the others in Britain are basically just marks in the grass or a few stones sticking up out of the ground, ours is standing to 8m above its foundations, so it's really something quite special.