Monday, July 30, 2012

Turbines plan close to Roman fort near Lichfield

Two towering 147ft wind turbines will be built near an ancient Roman settlement in Staffordshire under new plans revealed today.

Stuart Ryman, a Lichfield-based farmer, wants to put up the turbines on land at Manor Farm in Wall, which sits near to a historic Roman fort. The fort, Letocetum, was built in the small village soon after AD 50.
There are remains of inns and bathhouses, along with civilian and military buildings, at the site.
If approved, the turbines will have three 30ft blades attached to 118ft masts, which would be built on to blocks measuring 23ft by 23ft.

The Roman site would be 2,296ft away from the turbines and a report on the environmental impact has been carried out by Vicki Score, who works in archaeological services at the University of Leicester.
The report indicates the turbines will also be visible from Lichfield.

It says: “There are likely to be some views of the turbines from the southern edge of Lichfield, although these are likely to be the blade tips rather than views of the turbines themselves.”

The report adds that the site is unlikely to have too much of an effect on the Roman site.
It says: “Wall roman town — Letocetum — and associated archaeology lies approximately 1,000m to the south-west of the turbines. Much of the area would have little or no view of the turbines.”