Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thin sections | The Lewisvale Park Roman Remains

As part of the conservation and post-excavation programme we commissioned the British Geological Survey (BGS) to prepare thin-section slides of small samples of stone from both altars and the altar base. The slides arrived back from the BGS this morning and we are looking forward to analysing them in the coming days.

Thin-section slides are prepared by immersing a small sample of stone in liquid resin. The resin soaks into the stone and fills any natural voids so using a blue-dyed resin will reveal the porosity of the stone. Once the resin has solidified a thin sliver of the rock is cut from the sample and polished. This film of resin-impregnated stone is then mounted on a glass slide to allow detailed analysis using a microscope.

Via http://www.aocarchaeology.com/lewisvale-roman-altars/thin-sections/