Sunday, July 08, 2012

The Survival of Rome Through the Middle Ages

The fall of the Roman Empire was just the passage of one era into another. The Middle Ages was a time of transition from the idolized Roman Empire to the Renaissance that took society and culture major steps forward. Though not empty of civilization, it was a time that held onto Roman concepts and nurtured them for their time in the Renaissance.

The birth of the Christian religion occurred during the reign of the Roman Empire. It was the Roman Empire that gave the new religion a solid footing where it could grow and prosper. After the fall of Rome, the Church found itself becoming a powerhouse of its own. It pulled from its Jewish origins and from the Roman government that sheltered it. The ancient Romans gave the Christian religion the chance to develop "a distinct and complex culture that was heavily classical" with the schools, study of law, hierarchy, and structure mimicking the classical era. (1) The Church of the Middle Ages did not appear overnight. It developed from the seeds of the Roman Empire and survived to be an even bigger impact during the Renaissance.