Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Scooch over, Rome! The Etruscans – another ancient Italian civilization

If you think ancient civilization in Italy begins and ends with The Roman Empire, think again. The earthy but equally sophisticated Etruscans â€" who lived in neighbouring Etruria â€" settled there first and would battle with the Romans on and off for hundreds of years beginning with Rome’s first king, Romulus, in the 8th century BC, until Etruria’s cities were successively invaded by Italic peoples, the Gauls and Rome, leading to their eventual collapse in the 2nd century BC.

It is a fascinating tale still being uncovered by archaeologists since contemporary knowledge of the 26-letter Etruscan alphabet and language â€" which was the basis for Latin when it was adapted into the Old Italic alphabet â€" has been difficult to analyze to this day.

But Pointe-à -Callière, the MontrÃal Museum of Archaeology and History in Old Montreal, has put together The Etruscans: An Ancient Italian Civilization, a fascinating exhibition recounting the 1,000 year history of the Etruscan civilization.

This original exhibition was curated in-house by Pointe-à -Callière (with the close collaboration of renowned Etruscologist and scientific advisor Filippo Delpino) on the occasion of their 20th anniversary and features over 200 objects loaned from 23 international museums, including the Louvre, The British Museum, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Vatican Museums.

Via http://www.cancermaps.com/?p=1558