Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rome: De Patre Vostro

And so we come to the final episode of Rome, sadly cut short before its time due to silly lit­tle con­cerns like it cost­ing a for­tune. As flawed as the mad rush to the end unde­ni­ably is, I'm still glad they did it - this story would not be over until Mark Antony was dead and Octa­vian on his way to becom­ing Augus­tus and it's great to see that hap­pen­ing here, even if it does mean that Niobe's chil­dren had to drink from the foun­tain of youth and stay the same age for ten years. 

We open with the Bat­tle of Actium - or rather, its ime­di­ate after­math, since you have to be one of the most expen­sive films of all time to be able to afford the actu­al bat­tle. But there's a rather good shot of the wreck­age fol­lowed by Antony and the God­fa­ther on a boat, look­ing all mussed up and sexy, so it's pret­ty well done. 

The newread­er announces the vic­to­ry is suit­ably Augus­tan style, call­ing Cleopa­tra a witch and Antony her slave. Livia calls Antony a cow­ard over din­ner, to which Octavia objects while Atia stares off into the dis­tance and won­ders where she went wrong in bring­ing up Octa­vian (view­ers of sea­son 1 could prob­a­bly tell her at some length).