Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Roman history as Chichester prepares for The Novium

Noviomagus Reginorum, the Roman Baths remains hinting at the stories behind historic Chichester, used to remain preserved by the carpark they were found under during the 1970s.

Now, finally, they have been given the public prominence they deserve, sweeping across the ground floor of The Novium, a new centre with uplifting views of the West Sussex city's magnificent cathedral.

There are 500,000 years of history to account for in this three-storey building, so what should we look out for?
A Caistor ware beaker pot from the St Pancras Roman cemetery is believed to have been buried with the cremation of a child
 "There are too many to mention," says Catherine Coleman, the Learning and Participation Officer at the £7 million centre.

"I think visitors will be surprised at the size of the remains of the Baths. We've got a film which helps to bring the remains back to life, showing how they would have once been used."

She also mentions an undersea hedgehog and a prehistoric elephant tusk, discovered in a lobster pot in Selsey and now part of a curiosities case.

"We are really lucky that we have had so many features and stories to choose from," adds Collections Officer Anooshka Rawden.