Thursday, July 19, 2012

Roman cemetery discovered in Great Ellingham

In Novem­ber 2011, when Chris Birks Archae­ol­o­gy exca­vat­ed a trial trench in Great Elling­ham, Nor­folk, on the site of a future hous­ing devel­opment, lit­tle did they know that they were about to uncov­er one of the biggest Romano-British bur­ial sites in the region. The epony­mous archae­ol­o­gist and his team stum­bled upon sev­er­al in situ buri­als and iso­lat­ed arte­facts con­firm­ing that a ceme­tery extend­ed in to the devel­op­ment site. When work con­clud­ed in early July, 85 graves had been dis­cov­ered, mak­ing Great Elling­ham the largest exca­vat­ed Roman bur­ial site in Nor­folk. The ceme­tery has been dated to the 2nd and 3rd cen­turies thanks to the dis­cov­ery of a small pot­tery assem­blage.

David Gur­ney, Nor­folk coun­ty archae­ol­o­gist said: "Given the later Roman date of the ceme­tery, the align­ment and the lack of grave goods, these are like­ly to be Chris­t­ian burials."