Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Remains of Sagalassos city back in country after exhibition in Belgium

Statues of emperors from the Roman Empire which were uncovered during excavations in the ancient city of Sagalassos were brought back to Turkey on July 9 after having been exhibited in Belgium's largest archeology museum, the Gallo-Romeins.

Sagalassos is one of the largest archeological sites in the Mediterranean. It is located near the present town of Ağlasun in Burdur province, which is roughly 110 kilometers to the north of the well-known port and holiday resort of Antalya. The ancient site is on the tentative list of the UNESCO World Heritage program.

The statues belong to several Roman emperors, including Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus and Hadrian. Apart from the statues, more than 230 historical artifacts were sent to Belgium in 2011 to be exhibited in the Gallo-Romeins. The artifacts are now in the Burdur Archeological Museum.