Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mapping Ağlasun

In 2009, the Saga-lasun project took off. The aim of this project is to create awareness about the cultural and natural resources of Ağlasun and how they can be used to promote sustainable economic development. Much like an accurate topographic map is needed by the archaeologists working in the field, a project like Saga-lasun requires a town map of the center of Ağlasun and if possible, interesting areas in its vicinity.
At the end of the 2009 campaign, the municipal council of Ağlasun kindly offered us their cadastral plans to be used as a start to create such a map.

These plans were scanned images, not vectorised and georeferenced drawings. Not much was done with these plans for about 2 years due to other priorities.
In the spring of 2011, Joeri Theelen digitized all features on these cadastral plans such as roads, houses and waterways in an area of about 2 by 2 km² covering the center of Ağlasun. It was clear that much of the information shown on these plans was outdated.

Many houses were not indicated (for instance, the excavation house located in the north-east part of the map and many newer houses in its vicinity were missing) and some local roads had been relocated. To cope with this, the digital drawings were fit on top of a Quickbird satellite image (taken in 2008) and corrections were made. Finally, even newer parts were added doing a survey in the covered area of the town (a town in development like Ağlasun tends to change quite a bit over a few years time).