Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Majorian in the De Imperatoribus Romanis site

I have been reading the entry in the DIR website on Majorian (457-461 AD), the last effective western Roman emperor.  The article is by Ralph Mathisen, and is a model of what an online article should be.  The site is, indeed, invaluable.

Majorian is an attractive figure, and it is a pity that the main source for his reign is not online.  I refer here to the Panegyric for Majorian by Sidonius Apollinaris.  An English translation does exist in the Loeb edition, but this is in copyright.  I digitised the letters of Sidonius from an out-of-copyright source some time back.

Mathisen quotes a revealing passage, from one of Sidonius' letters, from Majorian's Gallic campaign, when he was attempting to conciliate the grandees of the region, soon to lose their independence and property to the Goths.  Majorian had issued an edict against informers.

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