Wednesday, July 18, 2012

MAGIS: Mediterranean Archaeology GIS

Wel­come to MAGIS, an inven­to­ry of region­al sur­vey projects in the greater Mediter­ranean region. To search the data­base, please choose one of the options at the left.  

The Spa­tial Search   allows users to zoom to a spe­cif­ic region of the Mediter­ranean or to view all projects cur­rent­ly entered (for which we have coor­di­nates).  The Google™ Earth Browse   down­loads an auto­mat­i­cal­ly updat­ing .kmz file that, when opened inGoogle™ Earth 5.0 or later, allows users to browse and inter­act with all sur­vey projects in the MAGISdata­base for which spa­tial (coor­di­nate) data are avail­able. More info...   The Data­base Search   allows queries based on spe­cif­ic fields in the data­base. We also invite schol­ars to enter the meta­da­ta about their own projects by using the Data Entry   form. Our Help   pages offer detailed expla­na­tions about the search and data entry options, as well as brows­er sup­port and the user inter­face. You can access the Help pages direct­ly on each page by click­ing on thesym bol. If you have cor­rec­tions to or com­ments aboutprojects already in the sys­tem, please con­tact us   (a link to this address exists at the bot­tom of every page). Con­tact us at the same address if you are inter­est­ed in the code devel­oped for MAGIS. Thank you!