Friday, July 27, 2012

Long awaited restoration of Colosseum starts next week

On July 31, the long awaited and much needed restoration of the Colosseum will finally start. But, the sponsoring of this very expensive undertaking by a well known shoe manufacturer is certainly not undisputed in the Eternal City.

Shoe manufacturer
The Italian shoe manufacturer Diego Della Valle is sponsoring this very costly project, for which he pays no less than between 20 and 25 million euro in total. In exchange for this large sum of money, he has received permission from the municipality to use the Colosseum for commercial purposes.
Various organizations have long opposed this deal because they argue that such an important heritage site should not be commercially exploited.

That the restoration was very much needed, was increasingly clear because in recent years several incidents occurred in which small parts of walls began to come down or even collapsed.