Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hadrian’s Wall inscriptions (Newcastle to Benwell)

The inscriptions come from four disparate locations, three of them close to the line of the Wall, one 6km to the north (but assumed to come from the Wall).

RIB 1323: coh(ors) I Th/racum ('First Cohort of Thracians (built this)'). Found 1864 in Clavering Place. Source: RIB II p.438
RIB 1324: coh(ors) VII / [...] ('Seventh Cohort …'). Found 1826 in North Gosforth Chapel. Source: RIB II p.438
RIB 1325: …II O / F[E]IIIIOI ('?'). Found 1932 Express Hotel outbuilding. Source: RIB II p.438
RIB 1326: VIII ('8′). Found 1890 at Rye Hill. Source: RIB II p.438

RIB 1323 comes from close to the likely line of the Vallum; elsewhere, building stones recording work by auxiliaries have been associated with that component of the Wall system. RIB 1324 has travelled some way in order to be built into the medieval chapel in Gosforth. Although there is no guarantee it comes from the Wall, there are few other convenient sources in the area. RIB 1325 is now lost but on the line of the curtain wall, whilst the enigmatic RIB 1326 again comes from close to the Vallum.