Monday, July 23, 2012

Group Find 'Scream' Face Carving On Hike

SIX members of Inverclyde Archaeology Project ventured on a three-hour 'Hike through History' visiting archaeology sites around the Gryffe area.
These included the Roman road and patrol track, ancient roundhouse settlements, ruined farmsteads and Bronze age carved stones.

Some of the finds have only recently been uncovered, the most interesting being a carving of what looks like a 'Scream' face (see attached photo) which was found near Whinhill Golf Course along with several other 'cup-marked' carvings.

The aim of the 'Hike through History' is to help local people identify archaeology in and around Inverclyde and there are plans for a second hike in August which will look at new finds near the Roman fortlet at Lurg Moor.

Inverclyde Archaeology Project was started by Louie Pastore, whose 3D animations and digital reconstructions of local forts and roundhouses can be found on the group's Facebook page. The project aims to promote interest in local history and archaeology, encouraging research and preservation of local archaeological sites. Louie would also like to see local artists, photographers, animators, video producers and re-enactors taking part in reconstructing digital impressions of what the sites may have looked like.