Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Galatian form of…Zeus!?!

I spent a bit of time last night "drunk on the well of the Muses," as it were, because I ended up writ­ing six poems total. Three of those you'll see later this month; one you already saw yes­ter­day, while the other two will be going in a book I'm work­ing on right now, which–if the Fates are with me–shall be avail­able per­haps as early as next week, but cer­tain­ly no later than the end of this month. I'll have some other pub­li­ca­tion news soon, with any luck–some­thing I've con­tributed to has just come out, and as is my cus­tom, I do not post about it until I have the book itself in my hands. So, watch for that!

But, given Hadri­an's con­nec­tion with Zeus (par­tic­u­lar­ly in Athens), and the obser­vance of his death hav­ing occurred yes­ter­day, I'd like to share some­thing with you today that I recent­ly found out about in rela­tion to the great king of the Olympian gods.