Wednesday, July 18, 2012

'Find of lifetime' helped uncover largest Roman settlement in Devon

A FINDER of coins which led to the discovery of a major Roman town has spoken of his 'wonderful' discovery.
Bay resident Philip Wills says he is 'thrilled to bits' to have helped uncover the largest Roman settlement ever found in Devon.
He spoke publicly of delight ahead of major excavation work to uncover the Teignbridge settlement.
"It's the find of a lifetime," he said.
Philip, known to his friends as Jim, started metal detecting in 1972 and combed far and wide.
In October, 2007, he made a find that would eventually lead to one of the most exciting discoveries of a generation.

Jim, 78, of Torquay, recalled: "Normally stubble fields are the best to search after harvest time but as conditions for ploughing were good in 2007 most farmers had ploughed their arable fields very early and sites were scarce.
"Because of this I went on a survey of the farms in the area and while driving along a road, I thought I would pop in and see the friendly landowner as he had odd fields scattered around the area.
"During our chat he told me he had no fields in stubble but I could search an adjacent field that was in grass at the time. So off I went. I didn't really have any idea of finding anything."