Monday, July 30, 2012

Early Christians tombs discovered

The remains of 31 early Christian tombs have been discovered during archaeological excavations in Nis, Serbia's third largest city in the southern part of the country.

"These are the most important excavations carried out so far on the site of the early Christian necropolis of Jagodin-mala", said Toni Cerskov, who heads the team of 45 archaeologists, architects, anthropologists, photographers and workers at the site.

The tombs are located under the former textile factory Niteks, the Tanjug news agency reports. Cerskov said the tombs are among the most important findings regarding the early Christian period and can be compared to the discoveries made in the necropolis of Pecs, Hungary, Solin near Split in Croatia, Sophia in Bulgaria and Thessaloniki in Greece.
Excavation work will continue until the end of July. (ANSAmed)