Friday, July 13, 2012

Dig unearths Roman finds

A COIN mould from the Iron Age and a Roman hair pin are among the finds already excavated by students at a dig in Silchester.
More than 70 archaeology students from the University of Reading are working on the ruins of the ancient Roman town of Calleva Atrebatum.

The annual dig, which is now in its 16th year, started this month and will see the students spend six weeks learning how to uncover ancient history.
When The Gazette visited, the students were attempting to unearth what experts believe is an intact item of Roman pottery, possibly imported from northern France.
Professor Mike Fulford, project director from the University of Reading, said: "We have got a few nice finds already. We have also dug up fragments of Roman chainmail which we think dates back to the Roman conquest of 33-34AD.