Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dig Reveals Even More Secrets of Roman Mayport

An even more fascinating picture is emerging of Roman Maryport as excavations reach the halfway point.

The team had already identified at least one "monumental structure" on the hilltop which overlooks the Roman fort and the Senhouse Museum.

But now archaeologists believe that they have found evidence of more than one structure, some of which would have been supported by gigantic timber pillars.

Professor Ian Haynes of Newcastle University, who is leading the excavation, said that a lot of interesting features were coming up under the trowel.

But he was not prepared to "float any hypotheses" about what the structures had been -at least not yet. He said: "We have a lot of features and suggestions of not one but multiple structures coming through.

"What is crucial from an archaeological point of view is that we can see different features inter-cutting one another."

A closer investigation of how these features relate to one another will help experts to establish a "sequence" or chronology for the site.

At present, archaeologists don't know which of the structures actually came first.

Prof Haynes said that the picture emerging now appeared much more "complex" than it appeared on the basis of the 2011 excavations.