Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Detritus of Empire: A Geocache on Hadrian’s Wall

My second week digging at Vindolanda we had some Canadian students on site.  One of them was into geocaching.  This involves hiding little trinkets and posting the exact GPS coordinates.  Other enthusiasts will find the cache, take the trinket as a prize and replace it with something else.

She brought little Lego Roman soldiers, one of whom I posed in my Trench of Disappointments (note the modern bottle neck in the lower part of the photo).
imageThe card was waterproof, and had a little made up story about his life on the Roman frontier.

I understand that this guy was stashed up on the Wall and then "found" within 24 hours, but that somehow his shield had been lost.  Guess he had never heard the ancient admonition:

"Come home bearing your shield or on it."