Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Death of Hadrian: nec ut soles dabos iocos!

On this day, July 10th in the year 138 CE, Imper­a­tor Pub­lius Aelius Hadri­anus died, leav­ing the prin­ci­pate of the Roman Empire to his sec­ond adopt­ed suc­ces­sor, Anton­i­nus Pius. You may rec­og­nize the line in Latin above as the final line of Hadri­an's epi­taph that he wrote him­self. What bet­ter words to honor him than those from his own divine hand?

It's dif­fi­cult to know how exact­ly one should honor Divus Hadri­anus, though in years past, I've come up with var­i­ous hymns and other things that I've shared pre­vi­ous­ly. How­ev­er, this year I believe I've got some­thing rather spe­cial, which I've been very excit­ed about for a while now, and have been keep­ing a secret until now.