Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Colchester Archaeological Trust gets a view of its Roman circus with the help of Charity Bank's 1,000th loan

We are pleased to announce our 1,000th loan today, which has allowed the Colchester Archaeological Trust to purchase new premises overlooking the Roman circus that it discovered in 2004. Charity Bank lent the Trust £168,000, enabling it to buy a former Army Education Centre which will house an interpretation centre for visitors to the circus as well as providing offices for the Trust's employees.

The Trust had previously leased a Victorian house from the Essex County Council for 30 years but was obliged to vacate this when the council decided to dispose of the property.  After reviewing various alternative premises options, the Trust realised that a former army building, situated immediately adjacent to the site of the circus, was too good an opportunity to let pass and decided to purchase it. The process of raising finance, however, proved difficult.