Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Celtic coins unearthed in Jersy belong to Julius Caesar army

The hoard of Iron Age sil­ver and gold coins exca­vat­ed in the British most souther­ly Island of Jersy have been iden­ti­fied to date back to Julius Cae­sar's invad­ing army.

Neil Mahrer, an expert from Jer­sey Her­itage, said Europe's largest hoard of Iron Age coins unearthed in Jer­sey last week is a 1st Cen­tu­ry BCE trea­sure. 

Accord­ing to the exam­in­ing research, the coins are believed to date back to the year 50 BCE when the armies of Julius Cae­sar were advanc­ing north-westwards through France, dri­ving the trib­al com­mu­ni­ties towards the coast.