Friday, July 13, 2012

BIN12: Day Twenty-three

Rel­a­tive­ly few peo­ple on site, although we con­tin­ued to make good progress. In Trench 1, the last two days have seen real move­ment on the inter­val­lum road. The cam­ber is real­ly very appar­ent and we now have three of the lat­er­al drains which cross the road. Between the road and the bar­rack we can see sev­er­al very dis­tinct areas of stone sur­face indi­cat­ed by much larg­er flags than the sur­round­ing cob­bles. 

The south end of the bar­rack is look­ing good, with stretch­es of prop­er coursed walling appear­ing beneath the rougher stretch­es of wall above. We've also real­ly cleared out part of the inte­ri­or- it is now look­ing very much like that part of the south­ern area of the bar­rack may have been re-used as a small­er struc­ture of prob­a­ble medieval date (con­tem­po­rary with the other medieval build­ing)- it uses the east wall of the bar­rack but has a rough west­ern wall that lies with­in the foot­print of the main bar­rack struc­ture. 

Else­where lots more work on unpick­ing the pits and their asso­ci­at­ed work­ing areas. Some nice finds includ­ing the nice but very unusu­al ani­mal tooth (cow or horse) that appears to have been reworked into the shape of a bird's head.