Wednesday, July 18, 2012

BIN12: Day Twenty-Six

I wasn't on site so this is from Daniel Powzi­ak (thanks Daniel!) "In Trench 1 we have a num­ber of inter­est­ing finds, rang­ing from Jonathan's medieval dis­cov­ery of a pos­si­ble Saxon chest fit­ting to a pair of metal objects, like­ly spear heads from some pila, a team effort from Matt, Tan­ner, and Will. Also found in the trench was a 6-sided die, like­ly from the Roman peri­od, unearthed by Sam. The rest of the gang in Trench 1 con­tin­ued their dili­gent efforts, as some of our brave exca­va­tors began remov­ing the floor­ing of the cen­tral block build­ing, dis­cov­er­ing the pre­vi­ous stra­tum to be of the medieval peri­od. 

Mean­while in Trench 2, with plan­ning well under­way through much of the cen­ter of the trench, there were few small finds until the late after­noon excite­ment. In the NW cor­ner of the trench, Emma unearthed a small sil­ver coin, unfor­tu­nate­ly too cor­rod­ed to make out any let­ters or pic­tures. Last but cer­tain­ly not least, right next to her Mor­ris chanced upon a num­ber of pieces of the top of a jug, per­haps evi­dence of his per­son­al the­o­ry that the build­ing was used as a pub. Only time will tell. Stay tuned for more adven­tures from the Bin­ches­ter project!"