Friday, July 20, 2012

BIN12 : Day Twenty-nine

I was off site most of the day as I had a meet­ing up at the Roman fort of Whit­ley Cas­tle (Epi­acum), high in the North Pen­nines, near Alston. How­ev­er, I did get to spend an hour or so at Bin­ches­ter this after­noon. In Trench 1, a slight tech­ni­cal issue, when we uncov­ered the mod­ern water pipe, but we soon had it cor­doned off. 

Oth­er­wise, in the bar­rack, there was more unpick­ing of the big pit at the south­ern end. Yes­ter­day, the base of a small oven or kiln was revealed, but this may be of medieval date (inevitably). In the mean­time we did some good work along the west­ern edge of the bar­rack, at one point we've found a pos­si­ble edge to a large pit (or even ditch?!). This pro­duced a nice intaglio carved from what looks like red jasper (well done Jonathan). 

When it's cleaned up we'll get a nice photo. At the north­ern end of the bar­rack, we saw more work on the new wall, we're start­ing to have a look at it in sev­er­al places along its length, and also explore how it relates to the pos­si­ble west­er­ly exten­sion of the gable end wall.