Thursday, July 05, 2012

BIN12: Day Sixteen

Anoth­er busy day, with no rain! In Trench 1 our mys­te­ri­ous lit­tle Roman struc­ture built into the ram­part to the north of the medieval build­ing turned into a mys­te­ri­ous lit­tle medieval struc­ture when green-glazed pot was found built into its walls. There was also more work on the big new wall in the trench exten­sion, it was tidied up and pho­tographed, and there is anoth­er small­er pos­si­ble wall behind it now. 

Very con­fus­ing- I wish we'd never opened up this bit now! Else­where on the south-east ram­part we're wor­ry­ing away at the north­ern end of the road­side drain which appears to be bifur­cat­ing! It's path must take it more or less through the big pit, although we haven't picked it up any­where obvi­ous. Lots of beaver­ing away along the fea­tures either side of the bar­rack. We've an area of pos­si­ble path in the south-east cor­ner and more pos­si­ble pits (inevitably) appear­ing else­where.