Thursday, July 05, 2012

BIN12: Day Seventeen

Today's blog post is from Brad Mor­ri­son Our morn­ing mist turned to rain after just a cou­ple hours of work. After call­ing an early break for tea the team began to clean the ceram­ic build­ing mate­r­i­al we've man­aged to pull up over the last lit­tle while. An imprint­ed stamp was found on what appears to be a roof­ing tile, which may be help­ful in pro­vid­ing a date of its man­u­fac­ture and later use at Bin­ches­ter. The rain grad­u­al­ly let up as the day pro­gressed, and small num­bers of team mem­bers were put back to work in the trench­es. In Trench 1, the exca­va­tors turned more to inten­si­fied map­ping of the periph­ery of the site so as not to cre­ate a muddy quag­mire with their trow­els. 

A small group con­tin­ued some work in mak­ing sense of the new trench exten­sion, but we'll have to let the rain sub­side before we can get a clear­er pic­ture. The small team work­ing in Trench 2 pressed on with pulling back a lot of the dark mate­r­i­al in the cen­tre of the site. We're expos­ing a lot of cob­bles and what might turn out to be a wall run­ning north to south, but again only time will tell if our sus­pi­cions are cor­rect.