Monday, July 09, 2012

BIN12: Day Nineteen

After a wet Fri­day and a busy week­end, includ­ing a trip for the US stu­dents up to Hadri­an's Wall, it was back to work with a vengeance this morn­ing. The site had large­ly dried out and we had an excel­lent turnout (over 70 peo­ple out today). After the usual intro­duc­to­ry site tours we soon had every­one hard at work. In Trench 1 lots of cob­bles were com­ing off along the road­way to reveal fur­ther cob­bles. 

Nonethe­less, it is clear real progress is being made; we've a group work­ing remov­ing a layer of stones which lay between two lines of stone that run at right angles from the drainage gully – we're not quite sure of the pur­pose of these lines. They are clear­ly not struc­tur­al; pos­si­bly Roman 'sleep­ing police­men'? In gen­er­al, it seems that the lower lay­ers of stone in this area are small­er than those above, a num­ber of more sandy patch­es have also appeared. Fur­ther north, as Hilly's pit is becom­ing even more com­pli­cat­ed, we are half-sectioning the remain­ing fills, whilst we plan the rest of it.